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working with mysql: generate html generate txt
monitoring file for changes: logwatch.py
make some program like daemon: daemonise.py
run ping in threads: thread_ping.py
update info in MySQL application: game_bonus.py
some tips for beginners: python_tips.txt
upload new/delete old files to ftp: ftp_upload.py
calculate md5 checksum for dir: md5_creator.py
ssh2 protocol for python: paramiko
manage servers with ssh: fabric_doc fabric_distr
ssh blacklisting with python: site blacklist.py
generating Excel 2007 compatible spreadsheets: xlsx_lib

backup mysql databases: db_backup.cron
ssh blacklisting with perl: sshblack_site sshblackv281.tar.gz
examples from "Programming Perl. Third Edition. programming_perl_examples.txt

network perfomance test: guide ttcp
adding luns > 1Tb in Solaris: big_lun.txt
check correct dmp path for luns: dmp_check.sh.txt

collect porterrshow information(sh): portstat.sh
firmware update issues: firmware.txt

cloning LPAR: clon_lpar.txt
mounting iso file: mount_iso.txt
mount cdrom: mount_cdrom.txt
change query depth in AIX: query.depth.txt
collect diag data from hmc: hmc_diag.txt
show path priority for each hdisk: path_priority.txt
tips: aix_tips.txt
HMC update/recovery: ftp_updates ftp_recovery

mysql query samples: mysql_query.txt

unix tips
Vim tips list: vimtips.txt vimtabs.txt buffer_vim.txt vimrc_sample_1 vimrc_sample_2
find tips: findtips.txt
common tips: tartips.txt
screenrc example file: screenrc.txt
sed 1 line commands: sed1line.txt
sed practice: do_it_with_sed.txt
awk 1 line commands: awk1line.txt
chroot ssh in openbsd: ssh_chroot.txt

flash regexp test tool: site
regular expressions: site

samurai book: samuraj.txt